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Lots to say and no time to say it. Finished my dissertation yesterday, had my MA interview in Brighton today (got in), decided to dye my hair brown because the bleach is making it fall out.

At the same time, loads of brilliant critics and bloggers have been talking about what they do and how they’re going to do it better. Jake from AYT is going to consider his responses differently; Jake, Maddy Costa and Andrew from Postcards are working on ‘embedding’ themselves in long-runs and rehearsal processes; Dan Bye has offered to ‘embed’ somebody himself, and; Diana, Daniel and Natasha at Exeunt have written a manifesto, which is BRILLIANT. Jake’s doing one too. As have I, although mine was drafted on my phone and has been given little in-depth consideration. Still, since my manifesto could easily just read “consideration is for losers”, I doubt that really matters.

I’m going to duplicate this on some sort of fancy menu option up near the top somewhere, and will probably add to it over time. It is both a manifesto for criticism and a manifesto for this specific blog, so we’ll see how it develops.


There is no such thing as objectivity.

Sensory reaction is the most valid form of judgement.

Humour is the most valid form of criticism.

Acceptance of my subjectivity means that my critical judgements are always 100% correct. As are yours.

Synonyms For Churlish reflects the wonderful expansiveness of all my many fascinating and stimulating interests. It is undemocratic and infinitely inclusive.

Discourse will not be restricted by socially-contrived ideas about form, structure, or swearing.

Comments on blogs are the worst thing to ever happen to the internet and will not be tolerated.

Right-of-reply is granted without exception and (with permission) responses are published in full. Always.

Tickets given in exchange for words are not free and will not be accepted.

Financial remuneration in exchange for words compromises my right to a lack of opinion and will not be accepted.

to be continued…

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